My Background

Team Lead, Insights & Analytics Since April 2023

  • Elevating client reporting efficiency by over 200% through strategic automation and integrating DBT pipelines to standardize reporting datasets. This accelerates report file creation, reduces ad hoc report lead time by 25%, and nearly eliminates discrepancies, increasing client satisfaction and operational excellence. 
  • Led the analytics team and partnered with engineering to build new engagement metrics which improved engagement across all products by more than 30%. This allowed the pricing strategy to develop from flat fee to engagement based increasing revenue potential.  
  • Optimizing internal metric tracking for ad pacing performance by operations team, facilitating the achievement of clients' campaign goals, with a notable improvement from ~90% to 99%. 
  • Developing productive cross-functional partnerships with operations, client success, and product teams to align projects and achieve company growth and delivery goals. 
  • Overseeing the delivery of over 3,000 annual report files and building a scalable QA process to quickly verify data accuracy and consistency.  

Senior Associate – Insights and Analytics April 2022 - April 2023

  • Identified a critical organizational need for additional personnel, leading to the creation of a reporting analyst team. Successfully advocated for and secured approval to establish and lead this team, addressing the company's evolving requirements and enhancing overall operational efficiency. 
  • Delegated projects to team members to focus on pivotal initiatives that directly drive the company's business forward.  
  • Expanded work on automated reporting to execute transactional ETL data feeds satisfying stringent client requirements. 
  • Served as the subject matter expert on data tracking metrics, data governance, and user data protection, which provided guidance to ensure data accuracy and compliance across the organization. 

Business Analytics Associate May 2021 - April 2022

  • Defined campaign KPIs and internal API tracking metrics used throughout the business to guide reporting, contract renewal, and engineering investment. Leveraged metrics to create building blocks (SQL, Python, Gitlab) for automating reporting file creation. 
  • Collaborated with engineering and data science teams to provide feedback on targeted ad campaign strategy, data forecasting models, and on-platform data collection requirements. 
  • Delivered in-depth presentations to Fortune 500 clients highlighting campaign successes and offering individualized insights to improve future campaigns. 

Strategic Account Performance Analyst July 2017 - May 2021

  • Collaborated with the largest customer to design and implement a customized technical training program, leveraging its success to extend the initiative to all accounts exceeding $4MM in revenue, fostering consistent and comprehensive training across key accounts. 
  • Led the development of a cloud-based Customer Visit Data Collection system (php, MySQL, Power BI) to monitor product performance and successfully implemented the solution nationwide. This resulted in the identification and resolution of market issues months ahead of previous timelines, which significantly enhanced market responsiveness. 
  • Performed comprehensive analysis of product performance at crucial national customer sites, delivering strategic process and product recommendations that resulted in a nearly 30% performance improvement at reduced costs. 
  • Created customer use-case categorization protocol to standardize data collection and reporting to better serve product development team with accurate and realistic information to better inform new product development priorities. 

Tire Development Engineer April 2015 - June 2017

  • Led simultaneous product development initiatives with budgets surpassing $1MM, steering diverse multinational and cross-functional teams to successful outcomes. 
  • Doubled essential performance criteria and reduced total cost of production for key product line ahead of schedule while under executive-level oversight. 
  • Presented product improvement plans and features to internal and external stakeholders from entry level technicians to executive leadership. 

Graduate Research Assistant August 2013 - April 2015

Continuing my undergraduate research in developing real-life applications for desktop and at-home 3-D printers I was also responsible for assisting in the undergraduate research projects ensuring knowledge was successfully transferred between students.

Main research focus was on developing low-cost solar photovoltaic racking systems utilizing 3-D printing and the systems developed showed a potential for 80% cost reduction compared to commercially available alternatives.

Additionally, I consulted with schools to adopt 3-D printing in the classroom and facilitated teachers’ expertise of the technology with non-profit partner Square One via 3-D printer building workshops and continued support.

Materials Engineering Intern May 2013 - August 2013

Materials engineering internship with initial projects focusing on heat treatment methods for fuel injector barrels and how the various methods affect post-heat treated dimensions

Project focus moved toward 3D printing through the summer culminating in a presentation about the feasibility analysis of integrating 3-D printing into R&D to Board of Directors

Coordinated purchase of industrial 3-D printer with drafting and materials teams

M.S. Material Science and Engineering December 2014

Advisor: Dr. Joshua Pearce

Thesis: Development of Practical Applications for RepRap Style 3-D Printers in Engineering


Continued my research from undergraduate into a masters program focused on open-sourced 3-D Printing under the advisement of Dr. Joshua Pearce. Projects ran included solar PV racking system development, material characterization of 3-D printed components, creating an open-source photometer, and others.


A full list of publications completed during my education can be found here


Solution Thermodynamics, Material Kinetic Systems, Vehicle Battery Cells and Systems, Scanning Electron Microscopy, Transmission Electron Microscopy, Crystallography & Diffraction, Solar Photovoltaic Science

B.S. Material Science and Engineering May 2013

Research Focus: Solar Photovoltaics, 3-D Printing

Research Highlight: 3-D Printing Goes Beyond the Lab

Senior Design Project: Design of an Eta Phase Strengthened Nickel Based Superalloy

Sponsored by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), and Dr. John Shingledecker. Utilizing ICME strategies, we optimized the effects of small alloying additions to the stabilization and formation of the Ni3Ti intermetallic in a Ni-Co-Cr alloy above 800C.

Awarded – 2nd Place: ASM International – Undergraduate Materials Design Competition 2013